MDP will offer its service to you as an individual person or a group. All our services are free. We can have a meaningful mass the ACC way, do the sacraments, or other sacramentals. We can give counselling or spiritual advice, both personal or online. Email us in the “contact” portion of this website. Also we can go into campus ministry and/or be chaplains of hospitals, non-sectarian schools or other institutions.

We will found ACC mission, have home visits, sick visits, etc. wherever you are in the Philippines, even in depressed areas.




When ACC came back in 2014, we started with 1 community, then grew to 7 after two years.  Now 24 parishes.  In the next future we will be many but allow us to go where you are to spread the word of God.

Some things we have done for our members and the Filipino people in general.  We educate children, we provide medical care to the poor, we have responded to natural disasters, we are providing food through the co-op. We are doing lots of things more. We know we are doing this for God and He will not let us down.