Congregation of the Good Samaritan

Here in the Philippines, there are many Oblates of CGS. But you can join even if you are in other parts of the world. We are lucky because the Governor General of CGS is our Bishop Ordinary of ACC MDP Bishop John-Benedict McDonald. Here is the link to join us as Oblates and to know more CGS: Our Organizational Chart

CGS Org Chart




Last MDP Diocesan Synod, July 27,2017, two clergy were accepted as first order novice monks of CGS – Rev. Fr. Lawrence and Rev. Fr. Joseph of Arimathea.







In MDP we have many OCGS and CGS Junior Oblates. We are also proud to have five monks. The first person from the left is Rev. Fr. Benedict Aguilan, CGS is the Philippine CGS Provincial Director as appointed by The Rt. Reverend John Benedict McDonald, CGS, Bishop Ordinary, Diocese of the Philippines, Governor General, Congregation of the Good Samaritan