This is to present a simple program which should be known as PISO ALAY KO PARA SA SIMBAHAN  KO (A Peso Offering For My Church); purposely designed to create a recurring fund to augment the financial capability of the Missionary Diocese of the Philippines of the Anglican Catholic Church.


We all know that beginning at the year 2014 when the Anglican Catholic Church’s mission was re-established in this island nation; we didn’t have any clear source of funding for the colossal work facing by the founding fathers of this Missionary Diocese. We were only dependent on the benevolence of the Congregation of the Good Samaritan whose Governor General is the then Canon John Benedict McDonald who eventually became our Bishop Ordinary. Now that we have our own Bishop, the status of our church as a diocese is strengthened, but the question of finances is still hanging. We were able to create   bank account with the minimal amount though, but this account we believe is usually suffering  deficit on the regular basis  due to the constant withdrawal without enough amount to replenish what we  had been withdrawn thereof. Aware of this situation, the incumbent bishop who is not getting any remuneration, neither getting any financial support from our young parish communities, has been waiving his right for our support, but in his love for the church that he is pastoring, he shoulders his own expenses and even obliged himself to answer the financial requirements for the maintenance of some of our mission houses. Without mentioning the financial aid that he has been extending for the personal needs of most of our clergy.

In our synod which was recently held in the City of Tagaytay, we have passed and approved the projected budget of the diocese, but the big question is: Where are we going to get the money, when in fact our present source of income is the little amount that we are receiving occasionally from few foreign donors, and from the tithes of our few parish communities? Needless to say, but we know for sure that the bulk of this amount needed to budget the diocese will be coming from the personal savings of the bishop which is quickly depleting.

From this scenario, arise the idea of maximizing our local resources to create programs that will provide regular income for the diocese; and therefore, this office was created by virtue of the mandate of the Ordinary, purposely   to handle and overseer the creation and the implementation of the programs relative to generation of funds on a regular basis to strengthen the financial capability of this diocese.


The name of the program is “PISO ALAY KO PARA SA SIMBAHAN KO.”  This is to remind us of the importance of the coin which apparently has no more value now a days. But in this small amount, we can raise big amount that would surely be profitable for our struggling diocese.

The mechanics of this program is so simple as placing a special donation box near the sanctuary and labeled as “PISO ALAY KO PARA SA SIMBAHAN KO.” Wherein the people will drop a minimum but not limited to One Peso every time they will go to church. And any amount that we will gather will be sent to the diocesan treasury every 10th of the month.


This program is intended to be implemented nationally without exemption of the status and the size of the Church Community in all areas where the ACC is present. And therefore, all clergy are enjoined to support and implement this program in their respective assignments.  However, those clergy who don’t have communities are encouraged to participate by giving out pledges in any amount that is convenient to them. Furthermore, for those ACC clergy outside the Philippines who are expressing their willingness to support and participate on this program, their help is greatly welcome.


We projected the possible revenue from this program by using a conservative formula of the possible amount that can be collected multiplied by the number of parishes and chapels that we presently hold. (Please see the following illustration)

                   (COLLECTION)  X (PARISHES) = REVENUE

For example, we generate Php 500.00 in each parish every month, and if we have 24 active parishes/communities throughout the country; therefore we can expect to generate at least Php 12,000.00 recurring amount every month (and this can be variable either to go higher or a bit lower).


Upon approval by the Ordinary, this program will be implemented throughout the whole diocese and will take effect until revoked or superseded by another program.

  1. PRAYER:

WE, the chair and members of this commission pray that this program that we designed, will be favorably approved and permitted to be implemented by the office of the Bishop Ordinary, Rt. Rev.  John Benedict McDonald.

Submitted this 6th of August, the year of our Lord, 2017, being the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord.  Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines.


Proposed by:


(Sgd.) Rev. Dcn. Felipe Bello


(Sgd.) Rev. Canon Rogelio Cruz



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